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Basking Ridge, NJ
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The Jersey Jamboree is a fun day of lacrosse for our graduating “Senior” players in the 7/8 Division. The girls will be placed on teams with 8th graders from other towns to form a unified team playing other combined teams. This is a great way to celebrate youth lacrosse in New Jersey and let the girls meet some of the players they may see next year on the high school playing fields. This year’s Jamboree is scheduled for Sunday, June 11, 2017The location is Madison High School, 170 Ridgedale Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940 (location to be re-confirmed by April 2017).


Each JGLA Member Program may send three (3) 8th grade players per 7/8 SELECT/TRAVEL team you have registered in our Association. We need 24-30 goalies, who do not count against your field player allocation. There is no additional cost for your players to participate in this annual event – it is included in the Association dues/fees which are due prior to the beginning of the regular season.


We need twenty (20) coaches- these are normally retiring 7/8 or Select coaches or others we want to honor. If you are interested in coaching at this event please contact Jan Madura.


How should we select our “All Stars”?
The selection process is decided in each town. Some let the kids vote, others have coaches choose and some pick unsung players to recognize their hard work and great attitude.

What if my best players are 7th graders? 
This event is for 8th graders ONLY, many towns select players based upon attitude and hard work rather than technical skill.

How do we sign up? 
Registration will open up online prior to the event. Coaches or Program contact should enter player’s information. Please check back closer to the event and we will have the registration link open.

I have another deserving player; may my town get more than our allocation? 
These are handled on a case by case basis, trying to balance between the expected size of teams and the number of requests.

How can we arrange so my player can play goalie and field?
Enter a note on the registration form and select a primary position. We will try to place on a team where she can play both.

Why don’t goalies count towards the three (3) per team?
The number of available goalies varies greatly from year to year so we opt to exclude them from the allocation.

What should I enter as position? 
A M D or G: Attack, Middie, Defense or Goalie

What if the player plays attack and middie, or defense and middie? 
Select A or D as it helps us balance the teams. The coach and player can work out playing time at other positions.

What is the expected playing time? 
Teams have less than seventeen (17) field players who will get equal playing time. It is two (2) full 40 minute games.

How are the teams assigned? 
Between 1 and 3 players per town are assigned to a team. The idea is to meet and play with other town players!

When are the team assignments published?
The assignments should be posted one (1) week before the event.

I am getting a ride from another players’ family. How do I request to be in the same time slot?
This should be noted on the registration form. This request will be honored.

My player has a soccer game in the morning. May I request a specific time for a player? 
This should be noted on the registration form. No promises are made; however, we endeavor to meet as many reasonable requests as possible.

My player has another lacrosse game in the morning. May I request a specific time for a player?
No other JGLA 7/8 TRAVEL or SELECT games are to be scheduled this day, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

When should I get there?
You should plan on being on the field 45 minutes before your first game. Parking at Madison High School sometimes can be an issue, please carpool and plan accordingly.

What should the player (field and goalie) bring?
The player must have all her playing equipment, a drink, sunscreen and a great attitude.

I am a player, what do I do when I arrive?
Check in at your assigned team area. If you need your team letter or there is an issue- check at the registration tent.

What does the coach need to bring?
Lacrosse balls for warm-up, clipboard/pad and a great attitude. Having a set of goalie gear is wonderful, but not mandatory.

What does the coach need to do?
Check in at tent, pick up your pinnies, meet with team at assigned point, warm team up, have team on field ready to play at horn, sub players so all get equal playing time, keep the game fun and close.

We are stuck in traffic and will miss our team’s start time. Should we still come? 
We operate on the “ADJUST WE MUST” philosophy. Yes, come and check in at the tent. We will get you on a team.

What if players are late? 
We operate on the “ADJUST WE MUST” philosophy. The coach should check with surrounding teams and borrow players. If that doesn’t work, check at the tent.

What if my assigned goalie doesn’t show? 
Check with other coaches to see who has an extra. That’s now your goalie! If that doesn’t work, check at the tent.

What if the player is injured after the cutoff? 
Find a substitute and send her in the selected player’s place. She should tell the coach she is subbing for xxxxx.

My child only plays for a public/private school team and not for a JGLA Member Program, may she participate? 
There are slots available for grade and age appropriate players outside of the JGLA who are active members of US Lacrosse. For non JGLA players the fee is $30 per player.

What if I have another general question about this event?
Please feel free to contact Jan Madura (janfmadura@gmail.com) should you have any questions regarding the Jamboree or if you would like to volunteer to assist with this special event.