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Select TeamsThe JGLA offers each Member Program that satisfies certain US Lacrosse and JGLA mandated criteria the opportunity to field Select Level teams.

Through the Select Teams program, which replaces our Developmental Teams program (D-Teams), the JGLA provides our older, more experienced players and their US Lacrosse Level 1 certified coaches with a higher level of competitive play afforded under US Lacrosse Level FC rules while still complying with Association policies and Bylaws.

The JGLA encourages Member Programs to use an open, fair and transparent team selection process.  The exact player selection process and criteria used to form a Select Team is at the discretion of each JGLA Member Program fielding such a team.

Member Programs may join together to form a Select Team comprised of players and coaches from multiple towns, but such combination should be reasonably contiguous geographically.  While Select Level players are not required by the Association to play for their program’s Travel or Rec Level teams, individual JGLA Member Programs may mandate such participation.

There will be no centralized standings kept nor will there be a championship for Select Level teams.  Each Select Team will be allowed a twelve (12) game schedule and equal playing time for players is not mandated by the JGLA.

Single grade teams are permitted, as are A/B level teams within the same town.