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Novice/OutreachGirls’ lacrosse continues to be one of the fastest growing youth sports in the country. We welcome new programs to our Association and do our very best to support you in your endeavors to offer the sport to more girls in a positive way.

If you are interested in starting a new program, please email the novice/outreach chair at  . You will be given an Initial Membership Application to complete. After receipt of this completed form we will put you in contact with other novice programs, your Conference President, as well as nearby towns with more established programs who can help with advice on how to get started. As a JGLA member you will be included in our e-mail database and receive information about the Association events, clinics and other happenings.

Need to stir up some excitement about girls lacrosse in your community? Consider a visit by our JGLA LAX SISTERS. This unique program is run by JGLA board member  . She assembles has assembled a spirited groups of girls who play on teams within our existing member towns. The girls come armed with smiles, headbands and enthusiasm to share their love of the game. Some girls in your community may have never even held a stick. Our LAXSISTERS clinic offers a fun filled time that leaves all of the players feeling good about themselves and excited about the opportunity to play lacrosse! If you plan to visit the 2016 US Lacrosse convention, be sure to attend the Diversity and Inclusion session where Tracy will be speaking about this program.


Member Programs are extensions of the JGLA. While the JGLA maintains a close, programmatic and strategic relationship with our membership, each Member Program is separate and distinct. Member Programs remain their own entity that serves its constituent’s, elects its board members and manages their own affairs as deemed appropriate under the Member Program’s Bylaws.

When starting a Member Program there are prerequisites that need to be in place before acceptance by the JGLA. A crucial aspect of these first steps are the reasons your group has for wanting to start your own Member Program, along with an open dialogue with any existing Member Program(s) in your area and with the JGLA.

A Member Program’s primary responsibilities should be to:

  • Offer the opportunities, services & benefits of the JGLA to all constituents in your local community as far as the Member Program boundaries reach.
  • Operate its own programs, services and events in accordance with the JGLA Bylaws, Charter and Member Program Application & Agreement.
  • Remain fully compliant with JGLA Rules & Guidelines at all times.
  • Act as the educational, hierarchical, unbiased support system for any and all athletes within the Member Program boundaries.

The JGLA will consider any group who requests to start a new Member Program. An Initial Membership Application will be provided by the Novice/Outreach Chair, who will then, upon receipt of the completed form, review same with the JGLA President and Conference President who will have jurisdiction over the new Member Program (Acceptance Committee). This Form must identify and outline the true reasons why a group wants to create and maintain a new Member Program, as well as their understanding of the purpose of membership in the JGLA. Upon approval by the Acceptance Committee, a Member Program Application & Agreement will be provided for full membership in the JGLA.

Additionally, US Lacrosse has a wealth of information on starting new programs on their website. With FAQ’s to guide you through the entire process as well as Grants for Equipment & other start up needs, information on coaching education, insurance, 501c(3), parent education, rules and more!